I absolutely love fashion and can definetly be described as a girly girl. To me, fashion is all about having fun and is a true reflection of my personality. I love matching classic pieces such as a black structured blazer with a loud, somewhat over-the-top item such as a neon yellow scarf. In my opinion it's all in the accessory- handbags, hair accessories and jewlery can take any plain outfit to the next level taking it from "blah" to visually appealing. Some of my favorite looks right now are flirty flowing pieces matched with a masculine structured piece such as a leather jacket. I'm also currently obsessed with hair accessories which are youthful and daring making even a bad hair day look good!

Check out a couple of my beautiful college friends companies. Both Amanda whose business is called Untamed Petals and Lauren who owns Lo Boheme are beyond talented and innovative. They were able to take some risks and follow their passion of fashion to turn it into a very successful career. I'm truly inspired by young women that are able to think outside the box and find something their passionate about!!

" When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible."

Untamed Petals

Lo Boheme

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