This is my all-time favorite recipe that is super simple and ultra delicious! My mom introduced me to this Rachel Ray recipe when I was home a couple years ago and I made it as soon as I got back to SD for Ryan which he loved! It looks fancy and is so simple even the cooking imparied could perfect. Give it a try!

Check out the recipe:


Vintage Finds

I'm a sucker for a good bargain but lately I'm getting sick and tired of seeing a million girls with the same outfit as me. Call me weird but there is something oddly intriguing and mysterious shopping in a vintage store. I always picture the person that owned the item previously and always have the same vision of them living this glamorously fun lifestyle. I love searching through all the unique clothes and accessories and although the clothes can be a bit pricey it's fun to dress up and it's nice to have a couple items that you will know for sure will be unique and wont be spotted on anyone else. Look for items that fit your style and personality. Look up your local vintage store or take a look in your grandma's closet to discover some hidden treasures.


Health is Wealth

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."- Buddah

I've been fighting a cold/flu for a couple weeks now and boy is it driving me crazy! Isn't it true that we take our health for granted until it is disrupted. It's only until your in your bed miserable that we pray for health and dream of feeling good in the morning. Health is the most important thing in the world, you can have all the money and love in the world but unless you have the health to enjoy it, it is meaningless.
The fact is that there is always something to do, something to take care of and we need to make our health a priority above the endless list of errands to run. Treat your body as the temple that God created and nourish your body with healthful foods, plenty of sleep and enough physical activity. When your body is strong your soul is strong.


Tribute to my wonderful grandma

My grandmother, Louise Perry, passed away at 12:40am on Wednesday, July 21st. She began slipping away with Alzheimer's disease six years ago and within the last week had been omitted to the hospital due to her continued decline in health. After several days the doctors had decided that her health would not improve and my family made the difficult decision to transfer her to a beautiful hospice so that she could spend her last days in peace.

The hospice she was transferred to felt as if you were entering a spa, there were fountains surrounding the grounds and the lights were dim with gentle music playing in the background as you entered. Considering the situation, I felt at ease walking into the facility.

After hearing about my grandmothers condition I decided earlier that day to drive to Whittier to be with my Aunt and Mom as they worked to clean the house and keep my grandpa company through this difficult time. I wanted to say goodbye to my grandma and be there to comfort my family who was under stress and grief. I went with my mom to the hospice on Tuesday as soon as I had arrived in Whittier and had prepared myself that my grandmothers condition was going to be difficult to see. As I walked into the room her favorite jazz music was playing near her bedside and the walls were decorated with pictures of her as a pretty girl to a gorgeous woman. Although she was struggling to breath and her appearance was different, she looked like she was in peace and for that I was comforted.

My mom allowed me some time alone with my grandma to say goodbye and as soon as I was given the opportunity I became emotional and was struggling to find the right words. How do you put in words how much someone meant to you and summarize how many wonderful memories you have of her. I rubbed her arm and told her how much I loved her and that she was one of the most inspirational woman in my life and how I will always remember her as putting others before her and loving her friends and family unconditionally. I told her how much it meant to me as a child to have her ask me to take her on tours of my room and show her all of my pictures and toys because she was truly interested in others and always made everyone around her feel special. Her eyes were closed and her expression was blank but as I went to give her a hug I could tell that she could hear me as she tilted her mouth into what I imagined was supposed to be a smile. As I left I knew that she would be in a better place and that all her suffering over the years would soon be over.

We drove home and spent the day cleaning the house and going through my grandmas possessions. My grandpa wanted to be a part of the whole process as we sorted through her belongings. He sat in the chair and would describe certain articles of clothing or pictures we discovered, we tried to engage him in conversation to keep him involved. My grandpa would answer questions that we asked but remained quiet as I'm sure he was emotionally confused knowing that his wife of 64 years would soon be passing. After dinner that night I walked him to the car where he finally shared with me that he felt confused and relieved because she hadn't been around for nearly 6 years and he knew it was her time to go.

After cleaning the house the rest of the night my mom, aunt and I sat around the room and processed everything that was going on. We talked about grandma and how it was nearly 2 weeks that she had gone without food and a week without water yet she was still hanging in there. We were exhausted and decided to call it a night around midnight.

Just as my mom and I had fallen asleep my aunt knocked on the door and said that my grandma had just died.

We drove to the hospice and said our goodbyes one last time. The situation was surreal and we all kept saying that we couldn't believe that her soul was gone as we looked at her body. She looked peaceful and we were certain that she was in heaven now eating all of her favorite desserts and looking down on us with a smile.

We have spent the last couple days continuing to keep my grandpa company and make arrangements for the memorial service that will be held Wednesday. Picking out a coffin, writing an obituary, choosing her clothes to be buried in and having meetings with the pastor made death very real to me. I have been fortunate enough to not have very many people pass in my life and this is the first grandparent to leave us.

For everyone that knew my grandmother they will know that she was loved and admired. What a beautiful wonderful woman she was and I only hope to be close to the woman she is as I grow up. May God bless her soul and may she have a never ending supply of all of her tasty treats!! Love you grandma.
"Mrs. Whittier" Perry dies http://http//www.whittierdailynews.com/news/ci_15580404


Statement Cocktail Rings

I'm loving a natural nail with a bold colorful cocktail ring. Wear it with a summer dress or simple jeans and a tee. Look for pieces at unique boutiques or even flea markets so that you can get a ring that is special and fits your personality.

Bites & Bubbly!

"Line by line, moment by moment, special times are etched into our memories in the permanent ink of everlasting love in our relationships."

This past Friday I had a joint birthday party with my great friend Amy themed Bites & Bubbly! It's always nice to have a themed party to take off the stress of having to get all the food and drinks for the guests plus everyone is able to get involved and share a special recipe or cocktail. We had the most delicious foods from cheese and crackers, puff pastry baked brie with apricot and fig preserves, spinach and artichoke dip, cupcakes, bruschetta, and a wide array of delicious vino and cocktails! It was a blast and using evite I created a cute invitation which made the process fuss free and easy. Spending time with my closest friends is something I always cherish! Take the time to celebrate with your friends and create memories to cherish forever!


My Makeup Must Haves

I love makeup and after years of experimenting with different brands I have come up with my absolute favorites!!

Favorite foundation:
Laura Mercier- oil free foundation. It is perfect for light coverage which looks natural and does not irriate the skin.
Favorite Mascara:

The Balm 2 Timer Mascara. It's clump free and has two different ends with different brushes; one that volumizes and one that defines.
I also like Channel's Inimitable Multi Dimensionnel Mascara which doesn't clump and does everything from volumizing, curling and defining the lashes.

Favorite Eyeliner:

Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeliner is amazing. Using an eyeliner brush you add a small amount of water to create a cream eyeliner that goes on smoothly and isnt as harsh as the liquid linerFavorite Eyeshadows:

Bobby Brown Eye Shadows are definetly my favorite shadows. They are highly pigmented and rich so it goes on the lid evenly and is crease free! The shadows last forever because a small amount goes a long way. They have a variety of different colors and it's always fun to use their shimmery shadows with the matte shadows to create a classic yet fun look.Favorite Lipstick/Lipglosses:

My favorite lipsticks are NARS lipsticks which are hydrating so they dont dry out the lips and they are long lasting so that you dont have to keep reapplying. My favorite gloss is Bobby Brown because its ultra rich and hyrdating and its not too thick to give you that yucky sticky feeling.

Favorite Blushes:

I love the Balm blush called Hot Mama. It has a hint of shimmy to highlight the cheeks and give your skin a nice glow. I really like the Benefit's duo that has both a blush and a brozer that you can mix to create sunkissed skin.


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

-Mark Twain