Dance your heart out!

"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!"

I started dancing when I was 4 years old and have loved dancing ever since. My first dance memories were of me dancing to “little polka dot bikini” in my little polka dot bikini with my not so little stomach popping out for the audiences viewing pleasure. I practically grew up in the dance studio having had one of my best friend’s moms own the dance studio that I attended and all my other best friends in my dance classes. A lot of wonderful memories of dance and exciting performances flood my memory when I think of my childhood.
I will never forget the feeling you get right before you go out on stage, it’s a mix of butterflies and nervous excitement and there’s no better feeling than leaving the stage knowing that you were able to conquer your fears while having fun. Like a lot of hobbies they fade in and out of your life and I after going off to college I only took one ballet class and became what you might consider a bit rusty…well a lot rusty.
I just recently became passionate again about dance and signed up for modern and contemporary classes at the Malashock dance studio. I attended my first modern class just a couple days ago and it was quite the experience. I learned that not only has it been a long time since I danced but it’s also been a long time that I have felt so excited about getting back into a hobby again. Although as the class continued I became more and more frustrated that I wasn’t catching onto the fast paced choreography I realized how much I missed dance and how much the passions in your life can bring you a sense of fulfillment. I’m really looking forward to getting to know modern and contemporary style; it’s unlike any type of dance that I practiced before. Instead of pointing your toes you’re to flex them, instead of correct posture you’re supposed to contort your back into awkward positions which goes against everything I knew before. The dance teacher was like a broken record constantly saying throughout the class, “Lauren no pointing, Lauren slump over more, Lauren this isn’t ballet.”So, with some hard work and determination I’m going to start fresh with a new found love for dance and a great healthy way to express myself.
One of the reasons I love dance so much is the ability it has to evoke true emotion. Watching the popular show, So You Think You Can Dance I was regularly crying after watching performances because yes, I am an emotional person but also because you could tell the dancers were pouring their hearts out and playing out a character or life experience that everyone could relate to. There were two performances that really stood out to me throughout the past couple seasons, the “cancer dance” and “addiction.” The choreography and dancers are truly amazing and inspiring.

Dance to Gravity about Addiction

Breast Cancer dance

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