Ryan's amazing work in Haiti

Ryan spent the last couple weeks in Haiti inspecting houses that were left standing after the devastating earhtquakes to ensure that the homes were safe for living. Families have been so terrified that another earthquake will come that they have been living in tents the past 3 months crammed with little to no clothes and none of their personal belongings. Ryan and others were able to inspect hundreds of homes within their short time in Haiti and were able to place many families back in the comfort of their houses. People cried tears of joy as they were able to re-enter their homes without fear knowing that engineers gave them the thumbs up to move back in! I am so proud of Ryan's heart, hard work and love for helping others. He has described his experience as being life changing and for those who have the opportunity to do some volunteer work in Haiti please do. They are still needing plenty of help and every little bit truly makes an impact!

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