Crafting Machine

I was cleaning out my closet on Tuesday and found too many cute shirts that had tears, holes or stains on them so, instead of throwing them out I decided to do alittle craft project. I went to Michaels and purchased some ribbon, thread and needle and I was all set to make some neckalaces and headbands. I was quite proud of the fact that I made it out of the store only spending $8.98 which doesn't happen often when I enter a craft store. I came home and started cutting, sewing and crafting and before I knew it I had been crafting for 5 straight food, no water, no bathroom breaks! When 5 hours seems like 5 minutes thats when you know you truly love doing something. I could of kept going for days but decided instead to do things I had been putting off:) Hope you enjoy!


Brynn said...

You are so clever!!! I want one! :)

Laura said...

Hey Lauren! These are so cute! You are such a talented crafter :) Hope all is well! - Laura Holmes