Lovin' Leather

Alright, I have a super-duper obsession with leather jackets this Fall. Sure leather jackets have been around for years but, fashion designers are creating masterpieces with futuristic modern designs that are form fitting. My favorite style of leather jacket are those that zip up asymmetrically. Typically leather jackets are black but they now are being created in all colors, my favorites being a classic cream color and mauve. I love the versatility of a leather jacket, it can be worn over a dress for an edgy feminine-masculine look, or worn with jeans for a more low key chic look. Now I would be lying if I said that these leather jackets came at a reasonable price so, places like Forever 21 and H&M are making them as low as $30. Leather jackets are a worthy investment and I believe will be in style for decades to come.

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