Pet Names

You may be thinking that Ry and I are thinking about getting a pet and are searching for names. Well, you are wrong...I'm talking about the silly pet names that couples acquire throughout their relationship and Ry and I have many names we have picked up for one another.

When I hear other couples use pet names such as "pucker lips," and I can't help but turn my head and hide my face from laughing. But then I think,hey wait Ry and I have a billions obnoxious "pet names" for each other and we think they are cute. This got me thinking oh goodness, we must be that annoying couple that doesn't even realize that we are throwing around "Nuggle" or "Love Machine" in the grocery store while everyone rolls there eyes. We've actually gotten to the point that when I say "Ryan" or he says "Lauren" we both flinch as if we are in trouble. Instead we choose annoying names such as Nuggle, Skurmunchin, Scoundrel, Love Machine, Lovey among many more other unusual names.

Just thought this was rather interesting, I think couples get used to these names and they come to be second nature but to the outside world everyone is thinking "WHAT did they just call each other?"

I've learned my lesson that rather than judge others for their "silly" pet names I will embrace them because obviously theres a rather funny story behind it or just their own very unique term of endearment.

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