World Vision-The Ultimate Christmas Gift

As we start to brainstorm our wish lists for Christmas this year let's try something new! Instead of asking for that extra pair of shoes or iPhone that isn't really necessary, let's consider giving a gift to someone in need and really making a difference. World Vision is an amazing organization whose mission is to offer a variety of different ways to give to the less fortunate. You can sponsor a child, provide emergency aide, donate products among many other options. The website is very easy to use and there are so many different options to give that your sure to find something that you feel is important.
As I get older the "things" in my life become less significant and doing something that benefits others becomes more important. My family has donated the last few years to World Vision both sponsoring children and also donating money for water and sanitation, money for education, and even donating animals such as goats and chickens for food and for the ability for others to make money.
World Vision is a great way to give back and before you ask for items that aren't needed browse around the website and make this Christmas unique by giving the gift of help which will be guarenteed to warm your heart.


Julie said...

I am a huge fan of World Vision too. When I was in Kenya I passed a few towns with signs for World Vision communities. It was cool to see that they are in some remote areas and are making an impact in so many different countries around the world.

Lauren Pursley said...

Thats awesome!! I bet it was nice to see the donations making an impact:) I really would love to get together and catch up. Hope your trip to Kenya was another memorable one! happy holidays