For those of my friends in Med School right now, God bless you! I've had some bad luck finding a doctor that I relate to and feel cares enough to actually spend more than 5 minutes nodding their head behind the computer. There is a lack of human connection and a lack of what a Doctor is intended to be there for; support, guidance, diagnosis and treatment. I ALWAYS leave the doctors office and think, "Wow, what a waste of time, I could have called my Mom and gotten the same answer with more compassion!!"

I know this is a generality and I'm am certain that there are many amazing doctors out there that don't fit this stereotype but talking among many of my friends and family we all feel the same way- the true compassion for one's wellbeing and feelings are overlooked amongst Doctor's nowadays.

I don't believe that Doctors are aware of how much 15 minutes of eye contact means when your not feeling well or your concerned about something. It doesn't take much to feel valued and when there is some compassion behind the quick shove out the door then your less inclined to think your hour and a half driving-sitting-waiting was completely meaningless. The question here is; are doctors too swamped to dedicate the necessary attention to their patients or do they have a tendency to feel that the more patients they can crame into their days the better?

Talking to my clients, many feel the same way, why go to the Doctors where they feel like one among millions and therefore, they forgo seeing the Doctor altogether. As we grow older it's crucial that our blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopies, etc. are regularly administered to avoid future health complications. Avoiding the Doctor in turn leads to an increase in chronic disease which is an issue our country is facing more than ever.

A great example of this is when I went into the emergency room just a few months ago with a horrible migraine. After an hour waiting I was finally called back! hooray I thought, finally I get to see a doctor to help me with my pounding head... Nope, I waited yet another hour in the hospital room (which I hate to begin with) until someone came in briefly and asked what was wrong. They automatically intravenously gave me a migraine medication to relieve the pain. Within 5 minutes I was having severe side-effects, I couldn't lift my head and it was difficult to speak. I started freaking out naturally, it was the oddest feeling I've ever had and when my husband yelled out that I was having an allergic reaction it took nearly 20 minutes before someone even entered the room. Long story short, supposedly the nurse was instructed to give me the medication gradually throughout 15 minutes but instead she gave it to me all in about 10 seconds. Nice, right??

Where is the sense of urgency and where is the compassion?

Doctors have one of the most prestigious well-respected jobs in the world and I know the road to becoming a doctor isn't an easy one. Therefore, I do have respect for their practice but I hope for the well-being of our future that we acquire a younger generation of Doctor's who not only diagnose and treat but give the patients the attention and respect that they deserve.

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