Need a Wellness Coach??

Hi Everyone!! Thank you so much for all your love and support, I feel completly blessed. Today I thought I'd try something new and share with you what I do in hopes someone would like to take advantage of my free offer!

As many of you know I am a Wellness Coach specializing in areas including Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management and Tobacco Cessation. I have worked the last 4 years as a Health Coach and have found my true passion in helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle and ultimately live an improved quality of life. I've worked with kids as young as 6 to adults up to 92 and enjoy the challenge of guiding and supporting others to think outside the box and explore ideas that they may have never thought was possible. There is nothing better than seeing someone succeed in their goals and witnessing an increase in one's self-esteem.

With the New Year here of course this means that everyone has New Years resolutions and it means things get very busy for me because most resolutions involve losing weight, quitting smoking, and getting healthier. Fortunatly for me things will not become too chaotic until February so before the chaos I would like to offer anyone who is interested in having a couple coaching sessions to email me at This will most likely be sessions over the phone or we could even communicate over skype, email or for those who live in SD we may be able to meet in person. I am working with a new company and have become the Lead Coach so, I've been building a Coaching Program for a few months and would like to practice a couple new techniques with a special someone who is interested. The sessions will be approx 30 minutes and Im willing to do 2 sessions and possibly more if my schedule permits in february.

I keep things very professional and fun while guiding and supporting you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. I look forward to hearing from you. Email me and the first person I hear from I will go ahead and take as my new Client! I can only take on 1 client right now but others who are interested I will let you know if I may be able to accomodate you:) thanks!!

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