Valentine's Ideas for Him

I know there are many mixed emotions about Valentines Day. I mean aren't we supposed to love our special someone all the time not just on one silly day? In fact in a recent study, 91% of men stated that Valentine's Day was their least favorite holiday. This does not surprise me, there is so much pressure on both ends to get the right presents for eachother and for the guy to plan this special day even when everything from flowers to restaurants jack up the prices. My feelings are to embrace this holiday no matter how silly it may seem and do something simple and meaningful. If your single, get together with some friends and make a fun night out of it. If your taken then make it low key and unique so that it is special to both of you. Below are some gift ideas for your love, both creative gifts you can make and gifts you can purchase.

For Men:
Purchased Gifts
  1. Has you hunny ever mentioned his interest in learning to play an instrument? Why not buy him some music lessons from a local studio. If you live in California, California Music Studios is a great website you can use to look up music teachers in your local area.
  2. Tickets to a band you both enjoy or a sporting event to watch his favorite team. Ticketmaster is the best website to purchase tickets to a concert or game!

  3. A watch is a great present. Nixon watched happen to be my favorite watches for men, they last forever and have great styles. The Player is the type of Nixon watch that I bought Ryan years ago and he loves it!
  4. For those willing to dish out a bit more money you cant go wrong with something from Apple . The iPad happens to be my favorite of all the Apple products. You can purchase a refurbished iPad for $429 and get a personalized message engraved on the back to make it extra special.

  5. A Flip Video is an awesome present. You can bring the small camera on your special outings together to capture the moment. It's simple to plug into the computer and fun to put together your own personal movies. There are a variety of different designs you can chose from or you can chose to upload a personal picture to use for the front design of the Flip.
  6. Create a picture book at inkubook where you can choose from a variety of different styles and sizes. Personalize the book with messages throughout the book.

Homemade Gifts:

  1. Create a small scrapbook with pictures taken throughout your relationship. Mix in some stories and meaningful quotes about your time together. A scrapbook is fun to look back on and remember all the great times you've shared together.
  2. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Instead of going out to eat why not get all the ingredients to make his favorite meal and spend the evening cooking together. This is something fun you can do and is alot more romantic that going out to a crowded expensive restaurant.
  3. The most important part of Valentine's Day is spending time together and having fun. Therefore, do not even feel obligated to get something. Why not spend your time creating a homemade card with a special message inside. A letter from the heart is more meaningful that anything.
  4. A basket full of his favorite things. Put together some of his favorite treats, DVD's, books, magazines, movie tickets and anything else that he enjoys. This will show how much you pay attention to the things he loves.

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