Flirty Feathers

 It's amazing what a haircut can do, I feel like I just lost 5 lbs! My thoughts are, why go on a diet when you can cut your hair instead? I hadn't gotten my hair cut since July...I know, I know "You should really get your hair cut every 6 weeks to keep your hair shiny and healthy." It's like a broken record, I'm so sick of being told that every time I go in to do anything to my hair! I'd rather grow my hair out into a huge ball of split ends and then get it cut, is that alright with you??

Anyways, my stylist was lovely and ever so stylish. I couldn't help but notice as she moved her perfectly groomed shiny hair that there were a couple of strands that looked like feathers. They were ever so settle but had just enough color to catch my attention. After 30 minutes of eyeballing these feathers I finally asked what it was, she said they were "feather extensions". FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS?! That sounds like fun, I'll take one! She came back with a couple different colors and I decided on the brown feathers with a touch of purple. I love the fact that its settle and somewhat hidden if you want or you can make it fun and funky if you pin back your hair.

My best friend, Taylor Rasted, of Relevant Rubbish and I believe feather hair extensions will be the hottest new trend as it's affordable, fun and something new. Never mind spending hundreds of dollars on a full-head of extensions, one feather is all you'll need.

The feather extension will last up to 2 months and can be washed, straightened, and curled just as if it were a real strand of hair. This is a very new trend therefore, this service can only be found at select boutique salons. If you live in the San Diego area, Pure Salon & Spa offers feather extensions for $30.


Margaret said...

Love this trend!! Thank you for sharing this with all of your fans! Do you have a recommendation in the Seattle area/and or around Bainbridge Island/Kitsap peninsula area where I can go to have some added to my beautiful mane. :)


Lauren Pursley said...

Hi Margaret! Thanks for following my blog. I did a bit of research and found 2 hair salons in Seattle area that offer the feather extensions. I talked to Allure Salon which is at 2915 First Ave #A
Seattle, WA 98121 and they said you can get a 3 strand feather extension for $30 or a 7 strand feather extension for $50 phone #:(206) 441-4500. I also saw that Salon Ciba on 2301 First ave also offers this service! hope you have as much fun with it as I have:)

Amani said...

Hi Lauren,
Just wanted to let you know the 7 feather extension is now $35!!!
Allure Salon