Colorful Kisses- homemade cards

There's nothing better than getting a handwritten card from a friend or family member. It immediately puts a smile on your face and makes you feel loved. In our world today we've gotten away from these small acts of kindness that make a huge impact. It's become one of my passions to make special cards for friends and send them off for special occasions or just becuase I was thinking of them. In a dream world I would own my own card business called Colorful Kisses. Yes, can you tell that I've thought about this plan before?? Well, since I know this dream would not be lucrative and I kindof need to pay rent I'll hold off from turning it into an occupation and just make the cards for fun. Creating the cards brings just as much happiness as it does sending them off. I always think of the person I'm sending the letter to and what colors and style they would like trying to personalize the cards as much as possible. Here are a few of the cards that I make, there colorful, girly and hopefully bring smiles to my loved ones!

"It is all too easy to consider kindness a secondary virtue, the one we reach for only as a last resort. But if we look at the strength of kindness--the way it reminds us of a sense of inner abundance, the way it helps us feel connected to others instead of isolated and apart--we can appreciate kindness as the force it is. Kindness isn’t an ally of foolishness or gullibility, but rather an ally of wisdom and courage."

This is the back of the cards!!

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