Dream Job!

One of my dream jobs is to be part of the amazing visual merchandising team at Anthropologie. The store is absolutely amazing and the window displays are beyond gorgeous taking the most unusual everyday items and turning it into an artistic masterpiece that is sure to attract crowds. Luckily for me I have an Anthropologie store directly across the street and I often walk over there just to soak in their window displays and get some creative inspiration. Every time I go into the store I notice something different, their attention to personal detail from different textured walls to whimsical lighting and chic urban meets flea market vibe is what I consider pure visual eye candy!
Using recycles ribbons, scraps and yarn

Using dip dyed fabrics

Books galore

Using recycles newspapers

Using recycled colored cardboard

Suspended plastic storage bags filled with soil and plants and other plants that grew from seed or bulb there in the window

Using coffee filters and cupcake papers!

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