Party at the Pursley's!

I love to entertain and spend time with friends and family! As much as possible I have the girls over to our place for wine and appetizers, christmas dinners, birthday celebrations or have couples over for a nice night of catching up over food and drinks. I love the whole process of entertaining from thinking up the table arrangement, the menu, the music, the activities, the colors everything is fun and an opportunity to be creative and try something new. I think I caught this love for entertaining from my mom who most would refer to as Martha Stewart. Everything she does is so thought out and creative and she truly enjoys creating fun memories and making others feel special. It seems as though she is always coming up with new recipes and ideas and luckily for me she is always willing to share her knowledge so that I can appear to be as creative as she is. Just as I've learned in life it's the small things that really count when creating a special occasion. Whether it's a simple girls night, a picnic lunch or a fancy christmas dinner it's it's the small touches that people remember most. From personalizing name cards to making a picnic lunch wrapped in chinese take out boxes these small touches make the event memorable, unique and most importantly fun! Never miss out on an opportunity to catch up with loved one's and create's too short!

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