A Celebration of Life After Cancer

It's been over 2 years since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom has always been my best friend so this news was incredibly devastating for me and my family. Immediately after being diagnosed my mom demonstrated what it means to be a courageous fighter and was truly inspiring throughout her intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I am pleased to announce that she is cancer-free and healthy as ever. God has blessed us with an amazing healthy mother and although this experience was devastating it is a true reminder of the fact that life is a precious gift that can be taken at any moment.
My mom found her best friend or "survivor sister" right after she was diagnosed with cancer. Sue Beasley was diagnosed with breast cancer the previous year and has been a true angel making it her goal to support my mom throughout her cancer journey. They had a common bond and found comfort in knowing that they both understood each other completely. I felt at ease knowing that Sue was there for my mom through everything as I felt helpless being so far away. Together, they find a way of finding laughter in even the most difficult times and their positive attitudes are contagious. Their humor, faith and bond of being survivor sisters is truly special and I'm sure they will be best of friends for many years to come. This past Saturday they took part in a 24 hour breast cancer walkathon. Here are a couple pictures of the adorable booth that they set up.

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