Cuckoo for Cupcakes

"You can't look at a cupcake without smiling"

I have an issue...It's name is cupcakes. Not only are they something I think about occassionally throughout the day but, anytime I enter a cupcake store it's as if I've entered Disneyland or won the Lotto, I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. To me, there is no better dessert in the world than a cupcake. Sounds silly right?? Many may say, isn't it the same thing as cake? Yes, you are right friends but the fact that it's in a small portion makes me feel less guilty for devouring it! Cupcake stores are popping up everywhere ever since the Sprinkles Cupcake craze, and everyone sure did jump on the band wagon. There are even TV shows on the Food Network dedicated just for cupcakes,'Cupcake Wars' which is my favorite and makes my cupcake cravings even more painful. I love how beautiful cupcakes are; besides being heavenly tasting they are decorated as a piece of art. In fact, so beautifully decorated that it's not uncommon for me to use my camera phone to snap a pic before I stuff my face!Here are my top 3 cupcake stores around:
1. Sprinkles of course:) Favorite Flavor's: carrot cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and lemon with vanilla frosting
2. Heavenly Cupcake in San Diego. Favorite Flavor's: red velvet with vanilla buttercream, lemon coconut with coconut buttercream, vanilla carmel with vanilla buttercream and carmel on top! yummy
3. Cupcake Squared in San Diego. Favorite Flavor's: cranberry white chocolate with vanilla buttercream and pumpkin pecan.

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