Football Fan??

It's approaching the football season and this typically is the time of year I dread because I lose my husband's attention. To say that Ryan is a football fan is an understatement, he lives for it and his mood completely changes as the season approaches. For Ryan's birthday his one wish was for me to learn football and watch the games with him...this sounded like a gift that just keeps on giving but I agreed mainly because this meant I didn't have to go shopping and get him something:) So, Ryan and I have been watching the preseason games and he has been patiently educating me on the rules which I ignored all my life. I will admit that I am still a bit confused but I'm slowly learning and it's fun to see Ryan so excited to have me watching the games with him.

I'm not nturally drawn to football so, Ryan suggested that we make it fun by incorporating something that I love, cooking! I made a whole schmorgesborg of food for a game a couple days ago and it did the trick, I had fun making the food and it made the game more exciting stuffing my face with high fat appetizers! This may have been a majorly smart trickery on Ryan's part as a way to get me to cook fro him during the games but I have been having fun and I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually looking forward to the Football season. I predict a lot of game parties at our place soon!

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