"Shut It Down"

Ryan hates the fact that I'm a fan or reality TV shows and I will admit that most of the one's I chose to watch are a big waste of time (Ochocinco & T.O. Show) however, the Rachel Zoe Project is one show that I can't live without, it's "banana's". The show is a docudrama series that follows celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, and her assistants as they conquer the fashion world. I am so excited that the season started again...especially without the big Debbie Downer assistant Taylor Jacobson who she fired leaving flamboyant style assistant, Brad Goreski, in her place!
She is so passionate about what she does and the show is fun because it shows you a behind the scene perspective of what happens in the fashion industry. She is a big ball of stress and I worry that she is going to have a heart attack when she complains of chest pains at almost every episode (no good) but she also mixes it up with good humor and has great chemistry with her assistants. Rachel is known for her "Zoe-isms" and adopting her own fashion vocabulary which are great. Some of her favorite words include, "kills it," "I die," "shut it down,"loves it" and "bananas."
If you haven't checked out her website you should! It has wonderful fashion tips and she updates her page everyday:)

One of Rachel's favorite jewelry trends for Fall is the chain necklace which she describes as "insanity." She suggests wearing the necklace the normal way in front of twisting it around so that the chain falls against your back, giving the illusion of a choker in the front. This necklace was designed by Giuseppe Zanotti but you can find more affordable pieces at places like Nordstrom or Guess.

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