Fall Into Fashion

Can you believe it's already the middle of August?? Seriously, where has the summer gone!? As Ryan and I were driving around today we noticed that all the elementary schools will be starting this Monday and I am in shock that the school year is already beginning.
It's kind of silly that I am talking about Fall fashion because we all know that San Diego doesn't really have seasons but I'm kind of obsessed with Fall fashion, it's my favorite! I love jackets, boots and sweaters...they're cozy and comfy and it's in the layers. For us San Diegans we often don't get the opportunity to get much use of our winter jackets but we can do some lightweight layering so that we can warm up when it's cool and strip down as it warms throughout the day. Jenna Lyons the President and Executive Creative Director of J Crew just sent out her Fall Lookbooks which are great! Her vision for this fall is "Girl Scout Military Inspired." Think earthy colors, camping, with a feminine twist. "There's a bit of that grandma-chic that we always draw from. There are elements borrowed from the boys, but we decided that she's at Girl Scout camp." As I was looking through the Lookbook I couldn't help thinking that it looked Hobo Chic...which is a nice way of saying sophisticated homeless. The model's long hair is very messy featured mostly in fishbraids or knotted side buns. The girls wear gray and black tights, plaid shirts and boots in the Lookbook. Jenna suggests wearing earthy muted colors-especially olives and browns with "punctuations" of bright color such as Funny Face bright pink lipstick by NARS. I love Fall and am looking forward to this type of fashion- seems low maintenance and comfy...can't beat that!

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