Your Authentic Self

"It could well be that stress, anxiety, depression and the sense that something is missing in life could be caused by years or ignoring and denying our true nature. Think how wonderful you feel when you are doing something that you really love, be it gardening, building something, creating art, dancing or walking. In these moments, what you are doing is in alignment with your true essence, so there is no resistance. You feel relaxed, forgetting about yourself and just being in the moment.

We treasure these moments because for a time, we are nurturing our soul. Ego slips away, and when that happens what is left is soul. We use terms such as "soul satisfying" or "good for the soul." We appreciate these moments so much because they are such a contrast with our usual way of being, and they are rare.

That is not how it should be. The authentic, unique aspects of our being, be they gifts and talents, a loving nature or simply our own true thoughts, are our gifts to the world. We came to share our soul, and to experience the souls of others. However, if we are all hiding our souls behind the costume of ego, we miss the whole point of being here.

We did not come to this earth to do our job, make money, acquire things, and be like everyone else. We did not come to make ourselves so busy that we have no time to feel our soul, and listen to its gentle guidance. We came to blossom into the fullest expression of our true nature, our authentic self-who we were destined to be before we were shaped into someone else. There is still time."

-Gwen Randall-Young

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