Magical Moments

"You rose into my life like a promised sunrise, brightening my days with the light in your eyes. I’ve never been so strong. Now I’m where I belong." – Maya Angelou
There are few moments in your lifetime that you experience an out-of-body feeling; as if you need to pinch yourself because the moment far surpasses any expectations you ever felt were humanly possible. When I think of life and happiness I can say with certainty that I have never been as happy as I was on my wedding day. Of course I knew it would be a very special day, but it was so perfect that I can't imagine doing one thing differently.
I enjoyed every moment of my wedding but there are two moments that I will cherish as perhaps the happiest times of my life.
First, the moment I saw my Dad right before walking down the isle together at the ceremony. I was standing behind a sectional so that none of our guests could see me and when my Dad turned around we both started tearing up. I had kept my dress a secret so that my Dad could see me with the full bridal makeover and his expression was priceless. Daddy's little girl was all grown up and we both felt emotional yet I felt this overwhelming sense that it was exactly where I was meant to be, Ryan and I were certain we were meant for eachother and we had all our families love and support. The moment my Dad and I started getting emotional, my Dad turned around quickly and made a goofy face so that we could both laugh (saving my makeup job:)
The other moment that I honestly can't put into words to give it the justice it deserves is when I walked down the isle with my dad in hand looking at my soon-to-be husband. I honestly didn't know how Ryan was going to react seeing me, obviously I had hoped he would get emotional but, I didn't want to think he would react a certain way because I didn't want to get disappointed. Disappointed I was not!!Ryan's expression made me feel like the most beautiful bride in the world and I could tell he was overcome with emotion. It was a magical moment and his reaction was absolutley perfect. At the end of the reception, Ryan and I climbed in the limo to drive to the hotel and we immediately turned to eachother laughing saying "Wow, that literally was the best night ever!" We both knew it far exceeded our expectations and we both felt full of love seeing all the people that have been present in your life in one room. We felt so fortunate to have our families support so that we could create the wedding of our dreams.
I thought I would share a couple photos of Ryan's reaction as I walked down the isle! ahhhh LOVE IT!

Another amazing moment was the night that Ryan proposed to me. I was completely suprised, after a wonderful day and nice dinner we decided that we take a walk on the beach to see the beautiful sunset. Ryan had set up his camera on his tripod to take pictures of us (sounds strange but this isn't unusual for us:) and little did I know that he had it running the whole time while he proposed. I wish you could hear what we were saying in the video but to summarize it; he tells me that before we take pictures he has something for me, I opened the wrapped gift which was a framed letter that he wrote which was absolutely beautiful. After reading the letter he asked if I wanted any chocolates, I told him that I was too full from dinner and that we could eat them later on. He replied, "no, I REALLY think you'll like them," so I opened the chocolates and saw a jewlery box. I didn't want to overreact and assume it was a ring so, I opened it reluctantly and then that was when he dropped to his knee!! It was PERFECT:)

"The honorary duty of a human being is to love."-Maya Angelou


Amy said...

OMG Lauren, I love this post! You guys are seriously the cutest!! I hope you have an amazing anniversary trip to Italy :)

Brynn said...

This gave me a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes...I am so happy for you and Ryan :)