Great News!!

So, after many suggestions to sell my cards at a boutique, I finally took the plunge and called a boutique in Coronado called Be Styled which my great friend Christine had recommended. I asked the owner if she would be interested in selling cards in her boutique which is mostly full of clothes, shoes, and amazing accessories. She said to come on by and to see if she felt they would be a good fit for the store.
I immediatly hung up the phone did a leap to the bathroom and franctically did a 10 minute makeover to look professional/stylish (It is a boutique so you kindof have to fit the part). I drove to the shop with a briefcase (for girls) full of my cards. The owner, Barbara, was the sweetest thing ever and after looking through my cards she said she would love to sell them in her boutique. She sorted through and picked out the ones that she felt were the most girly/funky and she wants me to come back with my smaller cards because she thinks they will be popular if someone were to purchase a gift and wanted a small note to throw in with it. I am thrilled!!! It's just the beginning but to see some of my cards located in such a cute boutique makes me happy and confident that I want to keep it up:)
Visit the Boutique in Coronado
1113 Adella Avenue
Monday-Saturday 10 to 5
Sunday 12 to 5

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