I Give Thanks

The last couple years I have made an effort to write down all that I am grateful for in life around Thanksgiving time. Taking a couple moments to write down a, "I give thanks" note can be very meaningful and forces you to sit and think about the past year and all that has occurred. Of course life will be a mix of joy and pain but being able to look back on the things you are grateful for will put focus on life's meaning and what is important to you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Family and Friends and fully embrace this Holiday for what it is. A day to cherish those close to you and to give thanks!

I Give Thanks
I give thanks for my wonderful family who have shaped the person I am today,
I give thanks for my husband who consistently makes me feel beautiful inside and out,
I give thanks to the friends that lift me up in difficult times and laugh with me through life’s joys,
I give thanks for God who has guided me through a life of happiness and loves me even when I’m in the wrong,
I give thanks for my health and the ability to live life free from pain,
I give thanks for giving my mom health when we thought we might lose her,
I give thanks for having the means to work hard and play hard in life and travel to the most gorgeous of places,
I give thanks for the amazing home I share with my husband and all the memories we have created in it,
I give thanks for recognizing my talents and embracing them,
I give thanks for the confidence I have developed in myself, it’s been a long road but I’m in a great place in my life right now,
I give thanks for taking a leap of faith and moving to San Diego where I have met life long friends,
I give thanks for coming into Ryan’s family with open arms and open hearts,
I give thanks for finding a job I am genuinely happy in,
I give thanks for freeing my grandma from pain and taking her to a place I know she is happy in,
I give thanks for my trip to Italy which has always been a life long dream,
I give thanks for recognizing areas I can improve on in life and not being ashamed of this,
I give thanks for the people I surround myself with and the valuable lessons they have taught me,
I give thanks for having the means to eat healthfully and having the knowledge to know that a healthy body is a healthy soul,
I give thanks for my husbands gentle push to challenge myself and to enjoy all life has to offer,
I give thanks for a future that looks bright and exciting and knowing that having my loved ones around is all I need,
I give thanks for my consciousness to live in the present and embrace each moment,
I give thanks for having parents that love me unconditionally and gave me the constant support I needed growing up,
I give thanks for the friends that feel more like sisters and knowing that they genuinely want what is best for me in life,
I give thanks for the place I’m in at this exact moment knowing that I am not perfect but feeling okay with this
I give thanks for Thanksgiving and sharing this holiday with loved ones.

Love your family, embrace your friends and always give thanks for the life you have and person you are!

What are you thankful for this year?

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