Sassy Sparkles

So, my great friend Amy just did an amazing blog about sparkles this season and I decided to kindof copy her (bc she is brillant) and also do a blog on sparkles. I'm a girly girl so I've loved sparkles for some time but this season it seems to be especially in.

I started thinking about sparkles more seriously after I had watched Oprah's favorite things yesterday and she featured the sparkly new eddition of the Ugg boots. They are a bit to much for me personally but I know that sparkles are in this winter and uggs tend to be very successful so, I figure there are many people out there that will snatch them up this holiday season. Sparkles add a statement to any outfit and nail polish companies as well as shoe companies have also tuned in to this growing trend. I especially love the 3 nail polish colors below that I have pictured (copper, mauve and black). Also, many shoe designers are making sparkly pumps that you can wear out for a fun look. I especially love a classy outfit such as jeans and a blazer with a pop of sparkle on the feet. It's unexpected and will be sure to catch everyone's eye.

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Taylor Catherine said...

Totally doing the sparkle nails! Love it!