Whimsical Weddings!

Yes, you may think this is a silly post since well, I'm already married but I'm one of those girls that just loved the whole wedding planning process. Beginning to end it was all so much fun:)In fact, I enjoyed it so much so that I had contemplated a career change to become an event planner but instead opted out of this idea and decided to fill this void by helping my girlfriends who are engaged plan their weddings.
Besides the beautiful celebration of a wedding it is always so exciting to see every couples unique style; from the color scheme, to the table arrangements, to the music, to the bridal attire, to the first dance, wedding cake, invitations, etc. All this is a direct translation of either the couple together or for those guys that just don't care about the planning, a direct translation of the brides style and personality.
It seems to me that weddings are becoming more and more creative over the years as brides experiment with different headpieces in place of a traditional Vail or choose to have an outdoor barn-type wedding instead of a traditional ballroom reception. This is what makes weddings so beautiful in my opinion, anything goes and it makes it even more exciting as guests to arrive at an event that we guess will appear a certain way but surprises us in a completely nontraditional gorgeous way.
If your in the middle of your wedding planning or wish about getting married in the near future my suggestion to you is to enjoy it all. Enjoy sharing time with your family in the planning process, and enjoy being creative to plan a celebration that both fits your style and an event in which you have always dreamt of. You only get married once so, you might as well do it right!


Megan Jeanne said...

I love this post! It is a great reminder to enjoy every minute of planning...because I am starting to get stressed! Great Job and Thank You

Amy said...

If I ever get engaged, I'm definitely recruiting you as a wedding planner. *wink, wink*