Heartfelt Homemade Gifts

I think we can all agree that looking for the "perfect" present for someone can be a bit overwhelming! I live directly across the street from a mall (literally) and yet I can't bear to walk over there and fight the crowds.So, instead I headed to a slightly less populated store, Michael's Craft Store (my 2nd home) and I decided to search around for something I could make.
I wanted to be able to be creative while still watching my budget and I found the ultimate idea! I know that all my girlfriends adore jewelry just as much as I do so, I found some very inexpensive small unfinished wooden boxes. I figured that I had all the necessary supplies at home so instead of looking through all the isles I decided to put my blindfolds on and hightail it to the checkout line. 4 boxes for a total of $9 now that is an all time record and should be bragged about on well, this blog !! I will take you through the steps I took to accomplish my final product. I plan to fill the boxes with either a pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet depending on the particular friends individual style.

1. I was silly and forgot to take a picture of the box before I started painting and of course Michael's website is never up-to-date but I found a picture of one similar just to give you an idea. 2. I painted the boxes white and the inside a teal blue color. After this dried, I cut out a small piece of paper and hot glued it into the center section of the box that shows through to the front. 3. Next, create a flower to hot glue on the center of the front of the box. Put a a coat of clear laminate over the box to seal the paint and also to make it shiny and pretty! 4. Next, distress the box using a nail, hammer and screw to scratch up the surface for a weathered look.


Taylor Catherine said...

Love this! It would be great to use a cute homemade box as the gift box for a small present. It would be a double gift! :)

Lauren Pursley said...

almost like a double rainbow:)

Amy said...

I'm so glad I received one of these boxes. They are so cute! Thank you!!