I would consider myself to be pretty darn girly so, you would assume that I'm a huge fan of pink like most girls. Well, your wrong. In fact, pink has always been one of my least favorite colors. I have always boycotted the color but recently have found a new found love for blush pink, which I would describe as being a very light pink with a hint of peach. To me it's a natural romantic color which reminds me of ballerinas and looks fabulous on all skin types . You all know that I'm quite fair, okay let's be real I'm one shade darker than being albino and I was always told light colors like these would wash me out but in reality I feel the most beautiful in this color. I feel natural and fresh in this color and when you throw on a bit of pink blush and nude lipstick it makes for a classy organic look. Here are some of my favorite blush pink looks!

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