The Power of Love

Erin Kramp is a woman who definitely makes my list of most inspirational people. As soon as Erin had discovered her breast cancer was terminal she sought out ways to cope and stay connected to her daughter, Peyton, who at the time was only 6 years old. Erin understood that trying to teach life lessons to Peyton at such a young age may not be as meaningful as they would be as she was growing up and was seeking the advice of a mother. She began to video tape herself talking about everything from beauty tips, to finding the perfect man, to welcoming her husbands new girlfriend after she passed. By the time she lost her battle, Erin was able to document volumes of precious footage to pass along to Peyton to show her love and be able to offer advice even if she wasn't there in person.

Erin's story was featured on Oprah years ago and I remember being in awe of her grace and charismatic personality. She smiled, she laughed and she seemed to fully accept and be at peace with the fact that she was dying. This story will forever hold a special place in my heart and may be one of the most outstanding demonstrations of love I have ever witnessed.

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