Nerd Alert!

So, Ryan and I have our 1st wedding anniversary in just a couple days and I've been thinking and searching for the perfect gift. After dating for 6 years, I feel like I've gotten him all the "typical" gifts for men from watches, ipods, clothes, poker sets, scrapbooks, movies, concert tickets, etc. To me a gift means so much more when it's homemade and I enjoy being able to use my creative side. I ended up finding a modern pocket watch and got it engraved and then I went out on a limb and did something super duper nerdy.
Our computer crashed a couple months and ago and I thought that the hardrive was too cool looking to throw away so, it's been in the closet and I decided to do something creative and make a recycled computer hard drive clock for his work desk. Below I will take you through the steps I took to achieve this "masterpiece." I really hope he likes it, I will admit it is a very random present but considering that he is both an Engineer and leader of the IT department I figured he would appreciate it:)

Nerdy Hard drive clock:

1. Here is the picture of the hard drive. Pretty exciting huh??!2. Go to your local craft store (I went to Michael's) and get a Clock Kit which is only $5.99 and is super easy to put together. 3. Take a blank CD

4. Place the CD in the microwave for 15 seconds. Please note only 15 seconds otherwise I am not responsible for your microwave exploding. You will see some lights sparking in the microwave but it's safe and it will result in a cool crackled effect shown below.
5. Take an old picture frame. Paint the glass with whatever color you choose. Of course I picked a blue-green color that matched the panel of the hard drive.6. Paint the rim and inner circle of the CD the same color as you paint the glass.
7. After the painted glass is dry place the glass side in the frame and clean so there are no finger prints.

8. I painted the back of the frame blue and put a quote with our anniversary date. (not the best pic...I promise it looks better than this:) 9. So, here is the final product. I put the clock movements in the CD and then glued the computer hard drive to the framed painted picture!! It was fun, easy and for those looking for a truly orignal homemade gift this is a winner.

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Amy said...

Wow! This is really amazing. I'm sure Ryan will love it! You need to give me crafting lessons...