How to make your gift a bit more snazzy!

Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.”
I believe that the way a gift is wrapped is equally special as the actual gift inside. Im not a huge fan of wrapping papers but I'm always searching for ways to make a gift look special. After purchasing a girlfriends birthday present I was not satisfied with the plain box that it came with so, I looked in my crafting box and found some thin lace rope and my bin of mix matched buttons I've collected over the years. I strung the buttons on the twine and then decorated the plain box with it. It turned out great and I really think that my girlfriend will appreciate it!!! It's creative, rustic and shows a uniqueness!

Just a plain cardboard box. Exciting...not to much

A thin Leather lace that can be bought at a craft store (I bought mine at Michael's)I always keep a bin of buttons that fall off of old shirts and some I've purchased from craft stores.Here are the buttons threaded through the twine. I alternated different sized buttons and color so that it appeared interesting. The finished product!! Just a couple quick minutes to thread the buttons and it adds character and love to the gift given:)

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